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The Complete Seller Lead promises the money is in the follow up

A new company and product from ex-Zillow ad execs offers more detailed leads and a 12-month automated follow-up plan.

“The product, The Complete Seller Lead (TCSL), uses a consistent coaching and automated follow-up methodology using Follow Up Boss to encourage real estate agents to stay in touch with new leads.

“The company is certain enough in its approach to offer a money-back guarantee for any leads not closed within an agent’s purchased ZIP code during a 12-month contract.”

Exclusive Leads... Guaranteed Listings!

Our state of the art Follow Up System combined with real Home Owners, means guaranteed results.

To prevent over-saturation, once you own a zip code it will remain exclusive to you for the life of your campaign.

Branding you as the go-to-listing agent is a must. Exclusivity allows us to build a list of homeowners whom we will retarget with a custom ad branding YOU to, increase customer familiarity and brand awareness.

The Complete Seller Lead Advantage will not sell a ZIP code to more than one agent, which can be very valuable if leveraged correctly and buoyed by localized advertising.

Mike N.

“We received over 120 leads during our campaign with The Complete Seller Lead. 20 of our leads turned into listings within a little over a year. I converted 12 of them for over $3 mil in sales!”


“My first campaign resulted in two sales for $3.5 million”

Daniel D.

“I met with Mark. Great first lead. We will most likely be listing for him early next year”

The Complete Seller Lead Difference

Address: 1234 Main St, Denver, CO 80110

Name: James S. Hill

Email: jhill59@email.com

Phone: (720) 664-3005

Verified Owner: Yes

Currently Listed for Sale: No

Year Purchased: 2004

Age - 46 DOB: 08/20/1971

Spouse Information

Name: Jane F. Hill

Email: j.hill59@email.com

Phone: (720) 875-4621

Age - 44 DOB: 06/05/1973

Emplyoment Information

Employer: Kroger Int.

Job Title: SVP Marketing

On Job: 2012 - Present

Employer: Whole Foods

Job Title: VP Customer Care

On Job: 2013 - Present

Formal Education

Attended: Colorado Univ.

Years: 1990 - 1996

Degree: MBA Marketing

Attended: Colorado Univ.

Years: 1990 - 1996

Degree: MBA Marketing

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